Scientific and philosophical perspectives in neuroethics

"While neuroscience has provided insights into the structure and function of nervous systems, hard questions remain about the nature of consciousness, mind, and self. Perhaps the most difficult questions involve the meaning of neuroscientific information, and how to pursue and utilize neuroscie...

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Other Authors: Giordano, James J.; Gordijn, Bert, 1965-; Levy, N; Giordano, J. J; Swaab, D. F.; Benedikter, R.; Kohls, N.; Ellis, R. D.; Birnbacher, D.; Costa, P.; Galvagni, L.; Autiero, A.; Churchland, P. M.; Giordano, J. J.; Boer, G. J.; Fitzgerald, K.; Wurzman, R.; Vanmeter, J.; Illes, J.; Racine, E.; Bell, E.; Hinterberger, T.; Buyx, A. M.; Gordijn, B.; Derenzo, E. G.; Reeves, L. M.; Schiller, K. N.; Jeannotte, A. M.; McBride, D. K.; Blank, R. H.; Gini, A.; Crawford, M. B.; Glannon, W.
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: Cambridge, UK : New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.