Toward a science of consciousness III: the third Tucson discussions and debates

"Can there be a science of consciousness? This issue has been the focus of three landmark conferences sponsored by the University of Arizona in Tucson. This volume presents a selection of invited papers from the third conference. It showcases recent progress in this maturing field by researcher...

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Other Authors: Hameroff, Stuart R.; Kaszniak, Alfred W., 1949-; Chalmers, David John, 1966-; Levine, Joseph; Van Gulick, Robert; Strawson, Galen.; Rosenberg, Gregg H.; Palmer, Stephen; Hardin, C. L., 1932-; Nida-Rumelin, Martine; Revonsuo, Antti.; Vollenweider, F. X.; Gamma, A.; Vollenweider-Scherpenhuyzen, M. F. I.; Schwartz, Jeffrey M.; Milner, A. D.; Goodale, Melvyn A.; Rossetti, Yves; Kentridge, Robert W.; Heywood, C. A.; Weiskrantz, Lawrence.; Gallese, Vittorio; Durgin, Frank H.; Lou, Lianggang; Reminger, Sheryl L.; Rapcsak, Steven Z.; Watt, Douglas F.; Panksepp, Jaak.; Burgdorf, Jeffrey; Humphrey, Nicholas.; Gregory, Richard L.; Cairns-Smith, A. Graham; Mithen, Steven J.; Calvin, William H., 1939-; Malin, Shimon; Yasue, Kunio.; Hagan, Scott; Hirafuji, Masayuki; Klein, Stanley A.; Wolf, Fred Alan.; Bierman, Dick J.; Radin, Dean I.; Hut, Piet; de Quincey, Christian; Zajonc, Arthur; Vaughan, Frances; Wallace, B. Alan; Hunt, Harry T., 1943-; Laughlin, Charles D., 1938-; Shear, J.
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 1999.
Series: Complex adaptive systems.

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