Attribution and social interaction: the legacy of Edward E. Jones

"In this book, prominent scholars build on Jones's research themes in a provocative collection that links hypotheses to social problems, research to practical implications. The authors, each beginning with Ned's seminal contribution, trace the achievements and unresolved issues of the...

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Other Authors: Jones, Edward Ellsworth, 1926-; Darley, John M.; Cooper, Joel.; Gilbert, Daniel T.; Miller, Arthur G., 1940-; Ross, Lee; Trope, Yaacov; Hamilton, David L. (David Lewis), 1941-; Kunda, Ziva; Hilton, James L.; Fiske, Susan T.; Snyder, Mark; Nisbett, Richard E.; Baumeister, Roy F.; Goethals, George R.; Pittman, Thane S.; Higgins, E. Tory (Edward Tory), 1946-; Fazio, Russell H.; Rohan, Meg J.; Zanna, Mark P.; Gergen, Kenneth J.; Arkin, Robert M., 1950-; Oleson, Kathryn C.; Shaver, Kelly G.; Schnsider, David J.; Rhodewalt, Frederick Thomas; Swann, William B.; Tice, Dianne M.; Linville, Patricia W.; Brewer, Marilynn B., 1942-; Mackie, Diane M.; Abelson, Robert P.
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: Washington, D.C. : American Psychological Association, 1998.