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Search Tips

Phrase Searching and Title Searching

Type quotation marks around the phrase or the exact title.

"global warming" will give more precise results than global warming

Combining Terms, Words or Phrases

Type AND and then type the word or phrase to include both.

film AND soundtrack

Type OR and then type the word or phrase to search for either one, the other, or both.

football OR soccer

Type NOT and then type the word or phrase to exclude.

celtic NOT irish

Wildcard Searching

To search for multiple variations of a word, substitute a "wildcard" for one or more letters.

Use * to represent multiple characters.
Use ? to represent a single character.

music* will find music, musical, musician , etc., and wom?n will find woman, women and womyn.

Advanced Search lets you easily search multiple fields at the same time and combine terms in complex ways.